MTV reality star undergoes breast implant surgery to stand out at weekend Super Bowl parties

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HOUSTON — Remember Houston reality star, Casandra Martinez, who dreams of getting super boobs for the Super Bowl?

The 22-year-old went under the knife on Wednesday to turn that dream into a reality.

“I’m expecting my boobs—my breasts— to look phenomenal!” the ‘Are You The One?’ star declared from the operating room table.

“Today’s a Wednesday, and she hopefully has some Super Bowl functions tomorrow night she wants to attend,” Houston’s famed plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose explained.

Casandra wants bigger breast implants so she can crash a Super Bowl party and make a big splash!

After it was all over, Rose declared the operation a success.

“That’s a very good size,” he suggested, looking at the finished product. “I mean, it just looks beautiful.”

And now Casandra is back at home resting.

The MTV star hopes some larger assets will help her look more like her reality TV idols, the Kardashians.

“I just love the way that they look,” Casandra told us earlier in the week. “I think some of them look a little too ‘dolled-up’ and maybe too much plastic surgery. But breasts are breasts. I mean, you can never go wrong with ‘bigger the better.’ Um, everything’s bigger and better in Texas!”

So, just how big will Casandra’s breast be for the big game this weekend?

Stay tuned. We’ll catch up with Casandra for the ‘big reveal’ and see her tackle the party scene later this week!



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