MUGSHOTS: Driving While Intoxicated – Memorial Day Captures


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Over the weekend, deputies with Constable Mark Herman’s Driving While Intoxicated Task Force arrested a total of 17 suspected drunk drivers, one for resisting arrest and one suspect for reckless driving throughout Precinct 4. The drivers were each stopped for traffic violations and displayed several signs of intoxication.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were administered on each suspect and it was discovered that were driving while intoxicated.

Drinking and driving is not tolerated in Precinct 4. If you choose to drive drunk, you choose to go to jail.

Constable Mark Herman

All suspects were arrested and booked in to the Harris County Jail, charged with Driving While Intoxicated. It was discovered that Christopher Mena had one prior DWI charge, Jose Gonzales-Juarez had two prior DWI charges and Monica May Garibay has a 2-year-old passenger in her vehicle and was charged with felony Driving While Intoxicated with a Child Passenger.

Daniela Garcia was also charged with resisting arrest and Angel Ortiz was arrested and charged for Reckless Driving.

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