Multiple new state laws now in effect, including ban on texting while driving

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HOUSTON - It's a new day in Texas now that a slew of brand new laws have gone into effect. Yep, now there's no more texting behind the wheel!

Texas is the 47th state to outlaw 'texting and driving'....and a first offense can get you a $25 to $99 fine.

So, put down that phone!

One of the more bizarre new laws is the new open-carry law for swords and machetes.

You know, because you never know when a sword might come in handy.

Yeah, it's now legal to carry your sword around with you as long as its blade measures more than 5.5 inches in length.

Just make sure you leave your blade at home when going to most bars, hospitals, churches, sporting events or anywhere else a sword might not be welcome!

But if you've got a license to carry a handgun, you'll be happy to know a new law drops your renewal fee from 70 bucks to $40.

And a new concealed permit now only costs $40 instead of $140.

There's also a new law giving amnesty to sexual assault witnesses who may have been publicly intoxicated when they witnessed the crime.

Authorities hope that law will help cut down on campus rapes.

And there's a new law affecting anyone who wants to become an Uber or Lyft driver because now those companies are no longer required to fingerprint new drivers before they are hired.

But all Uber and Lyft drivers may still have to pass annual background checks.

And get this-- drones are no longer allowed to fly over state prisons or immigration detention centers.

Guess before....they could.  Who knew?!

Better study up and go by the book on these new regulations....or else you'll be breaking the law.

And you don't want to do that!

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