NASA bumps female astronaut off ISS mission preventing her from making history

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Flor. - Is there a scandal brewing in space?

Well, NASA just announced it has bumped an astronaut-- Jeanette Epps-- from her upcoming flight to the International Space Station.

This June, Epps was supposed to be the first African-American astronaut to live on the I.S.S. for a long-term assignment.

But all of sudden, the space agency decided to bump Epps off the upcoming flight and replace her with a backup.

This is a rare move....especially since Epps was about to make space history.

Now Epps is returning to Houston from Russia after recently training there for her mission.

The agency says the 47-year-old engineer will be considered for a future mission.

Most astronauts get pulled from missions for health reasons, but since NASA did not disclose why Epps is being bumped-- it remains a mystery.

Now.....suspicious minds want to know why was this astronaut bumped from space?



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