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NAVASOTA, Texas — Combating school shootings by adding guns to the classroom is a highly-controversial proposal that could become a reality at seven campuses in Navasota ISD.

For the last six months, Superintendent Stu Musick said Navasota has been discussing the idea of allowing its 400 district employees– 240 of which are teachers —  the option of carrying a gun.

“We have to ask ourselves, are we doing everything we can to keep our students safe and our staff safe?” Musick said.

Musick said the policy change could help keep students, Pre-K through 12, safer.

“It’s not everybody and anybody. It’s not anyone that has a license to carry would be permitted to. It is not a forcing teachers to carry. No one would be forced to do something, especially of this nature that they wouldn’t feel comfortable doing and wouldn’t be trained to do, and wouldn’t want to do,” Musick said.

Some Navasota community members are hesitant about the idea.

“I’d say it’s both bad and good. Bad because one of the kids finds it and accidentally press the trigger. Good because it could really help steer intruders away,” Mariaelena Pedro said.

“I don’t really think that there’s a need for guns in the school. Our police departments are very responsive,” Mavis Anderson said.

The school board would have to determine how the district would allocate funding in its budget for training or providing the actual weapon.

The proposal doesn’t include a minimum or cap on the number of staff members allowed to carry.

“There isn’t a certain number of folks we want per campus or anything like that. But we do want to make sure that each campus is safely covered with well-trained personnel,” Musick said.

If passed, Navasota ISD could begin allowing teachers and staff to carry as soon as the next school year.