HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Houston Health Department reports the city’s latest 14-day average COVID-19 14-day positivity rate is down, showing that the omicron wave may have reached its peak in the area.

The drop is down from the last positivity rate that was the highest it’s ever been throughout the entire pandemic. The percentage of tests that come back positive, is 26.4%, down from 36.4%.

Hospitalizations have also slightly decreased. The Texas Medical Center reported Monday that during the week of January 17, their hospitals admitted an average of 400 new COVID-19 patients each day, down from 418 such hospitalizations per day the previous week.

According to our news partners at ABC 13, Texas Children’s Hospital reported reaching its highest number of pediatric hospitalizations earlier this month, which was more than 70. A spokesperson for the hospital said there are currently 70 cases.