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MISSOURI CITY, Texas– Days after her dog Chapo was shot and killed by a Missouri City Police officer, Lizzethe Pedregon is searching for answers.

“I wouldn’t want other children to feel what my kids feel. I think that’s what has hurt the most is to have to tell the kids, ‘hey Chapo’s not coming back,’” Pedregon said.

Pedregon said the American Bully Pitbull did nothing to provoke the officer.

“We didn’t hear him bark. We didn’t hear him growl. We didn’t hear anything for us to turn around and see that something was going on,” Pedregon said.

When officers responded to a noise complaint at the Pedregon’s home Friday night, the family said they didn’t hear a knock or see any police lights while they were sitting in the backyard barbecuing. Instead, all they heard was a single gunshot and turned around to see that Chapo had been shot in the head.

“Why are you prepared to come in with your gun drawn? It’s a noise complaint! My friend had her 2-year-old on her lap just a few feet away from where Chapo was shot,” Pedregon said.

Moments after the shooting, the family realized Chapo was still breathing and took him to the vet, where they faced a tough decision. A risky surgery with a $15,000 price tag and no guarantee that Chapo would make it out alive.

“We decided to put him down. The recovery process would’ve put Chapo in a lot of pain,” Pedregon said.

On Monday, Pedregon said she was taking the issue to city council.

“We just want to let them know what happened and we want to make sure the officers were following protocol,” Pedregon said.

Missouri City Police officials said they’re currently reviewing the incident.

Authorities said they will release the body cam video, as long as the Pedregon’s give written permission, which Lizzethe said she plans on doing later this week.

“The video will either prove us wrong or prove them wrong. It’s not going to bring Chapo back, I wish it would. We just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Pedregon said.

In a Facebook post, Lizzethe Pedregon’s plea to the public, demanding justice for Chapo went viral and has been shared thousands of times.

“Anyone that knows me, knows how much I loved my Chapo. My heart hurts so much and I can’t bear the fact that we have to break this news to our kids that Chapo did not make it. He didn’t do anything, he didn’t deserve this!

Police were called last night for noise, we were in my yard with friends having a good time. When the police arrived, they did not knock on our front door (I have video footage to prove they went straight to the back door). Instead, they proceeded just to open our back gate door, never announced their presence or request consent to enter, like any dog would, Chapo walked towards the door when he heard it open, did NOT bark, did NOT growl, did NOTHING and he gets shot in the head! My Chapo, he was an American Bully, so because he is considered an aggressive breed, you shoot him? Why didn’t they knock first? We would of went inside if we were being loud, we would of shut it down. There were kids around and you just come in shooting? I’m so hurt, my heart hurts. Chapo was not just our dog, he was family!

I can’t stop crying, my Chapo, I loved you so much! Rest in doggy heaven Chapo 💔

Please share, this was not right. I want answers from the Missouri City, TX PD!”

Pedregon said Chapo was a sweet, gentle dog who was loved by all her friends and family who met him. Lizzethe, her husband and their three young daughters have had Chapo for 2.5 years.