HOUSTON (KIAH) — In Mexico, honey is not only used in the kitchen as a sweetener, but for healing. A teaspoon of honey can fix a sore throat or alleviate a burn. 

It comes as no surprise to Ivan Grande, a street vendor, that Mexican honey is the most popular among his merchandise.

Ivan was born in Mexico and came to Texas seeking job opportunities he’s been selling fruits and honey at local Home Depots and busy street corners for years. He says the pandemic slowed down his business significantly and it has yet to recover.

If I’m being honest it’s been difficult, but you always try to overcome the problems and support, support is big.

Ivan Grande, Street Vendor

According to the CDC, Hispanics and Latinos are two times more likely to die from COVID-19 than their white counterparts. The Center for American Progress reports, Hispanic/Latinos also accounted for 23% of the initial job loss due to the pandemic.

Overall, the Latino community has suffered the most, because the people who are from here and were born here ,and with legal status, they were affected, but not like us.

Ivan Grande, Street Vendor

Ivan says his days have gotten longer and he is even more tired but he says Latinos are resilient and they can and will overcome.

We don’t quit, were always moving forward and looking for something better

Ivan Grande, Street Vendor