Panic erupts at Memorial City Mall as shoppers react to possible sounds of gunfire

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HOUSTON — A possible smash-and-grab at Memorial City Mall sent customers into a panic, running and hiding Sunday evening.

It happened just after 9 p.m.

Houston police and firefighters initially responded to a shots fired call at Memorial City Mall. At this point, it is unclear if any shots were actually fired or not.

Either way, it was a scary situation for the people who were in the mall at the time. We’re told customers running and hiding behind counters and in bathrooms.

Houston police and Harris County Precinct 5 constable deputies searched the mall, but the suspects were gone. We haven’t received official word from investigators, but it appears to have been a smash and grab at Macy’s.

One man, who was working at Starbucks, inside the mall said he was in the back room of the store when one of his co-workers came running in to let him know that something was happening and customers were running in all different directions.

“First to make sure that we are safe, we turned off the lights, the computer, anything that would bring their attention,” Oscar Julithe said. “We locked up the door and we went to the ground. We went to the ground, everything dark.”

Julithe said the workers stayed hiding in the dark for about 20 minutes until their manager said it was OK to come out. He said he heard loud noises, but wasn’t sure that it was shot fired—that it may have been just coming from the people running away and something falling down.

A scary situation no doubt, especially as folks are out doing last-minute shopping.

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