Parents of student want action against male student who sent racist snapchat to their daughter

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – The family of a Woodlands High School student wants the principal and the Conroe school district to take action regarding racism on campus.

The recent protest stems from a recent Snapchat that  RJ and LaToika King’s daughter received from a male student at the same school.

“This was a serious threat so w thought we were gonna get a serious response,” said RJ King.

Civil Rights attorney, Randall Kallinen is representing the family. “The statement indicated that all African Americans should have been killed and that America would be better off.”

The actual snap used the N-word saying, “We should have hung all you ***BLEEPS***when we had the chance.”

“When you threaten to kill and to say that the world will be better off by getting rid of a certain race, that is the epitome of racism,” said Kallinen.

The Kings immediately alerted the school administrators. LaToika King says, “You send your child to school, you shouldn’t have to worry about their safety.”

Conroe ISD issued a statement saying it “does not tolerate behavior of this type” and the family got an e-mail from the Woodlands associate principal outlining the plan to rearrange the boy`s schedule to minimize contact between the two students. It also included the option of moving their daughter to another campus.

“When she did nothing. Nothing wrong,” said Kallinen.

The family just doesn’t feel as if the school or the district is doing enough, said  King.  “We can’t elaborate. We don’t know what the special circumstances are why this kid can’t be held accountable for his actions. We don’t know. ”

“The individual in the woodlands has not been suspended. Has not moved to another school. Has not had any discipline whatsoever,” Kallinen said.

The district’s statement said reinforcing respect for others and building unity continues to be a top priority across our campuses as it is in our communities.  That sounds good, but if we’ve learned anything over the years and through social media it is this: it’s not always easy to snap out of certain beliefs.

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