HOUSTON (KIAH) — Safety officials are sharing ways to avoid crashes, crimes, and lockouts in busy parking lots this holiday season.

According to AAA, car insurance claims rise during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

They’re more people out, the sun is going down earlier, drivers are usually more distracted and parking lot thieves tend to come out during the holidays.

A spokesperson for triple a says, “a moment of distraction or poor judgment by shoppers in a rush can lead to unfortunate situations during what should be a festive time of year.”

Safety officials say 20 percent of all crashes happen right in the parking lot and often lead to expensive insurance claims for vehicle damage or tragic injuries if you hit someone.

To stop this from happening, roadway officials say, be aware of your surroundings, stay off your phone, lower your speeds, and don’t make any sudden cuts across parking spaces.

To prevent car lockouts, never leave car keys or key fob inside, avoid distractions, and always double-check. Lastly, to avoid theft, always lock your vehicle, don’t leave any shopping bags or purses out in the open, park in populated well-lit areas, and don’t leave your keys in the car.