HOUSTON (KIAH) – A Southeast Houston pastor in the Sunnyside community launches a campaign called “Crime Can’t Hide in Sunnyside” with billboards and signage throughout the area.

Several church and neighborhood officials joined forces with the Houston Police Department to address the rise in crime rates.

“Because nobody cares about anybody. nobody looks out for anybody. Things can happen in the community and nobody says anything about it. That’s why crime is like it is now,” said Curtis Dockery, Sunnyside Resident.

The Pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church says local law enforcement officers can’t do it alone. Pastor Rev. James E. Nash says it takes the eyes and ears of everyone living Sunnyside community. That’s the area on the North side of 610 and Beltway 8 through the East side of 288.

“I’m not into black and white. it’s into getting people to work together. that’s how we’re going to accomplish… is by people working together,” said Rev. James E. Nash the Pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Over the weekend, neighborhood pastors held a breakfast and press conference to reveal the new billboard on the side of Denny’s and the South Loop.

Commander Mike Collins with the Houston Police Department says they’re striving to become more proactive rather than reactive by increasing their visibility. This means putting more patrol units and undercovered officers on the streets.