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The peoples champ is not too happy with United Airlines. Houston rapper Paul Wall took to Twitter after he says, the airline fired his close friend for allowing him to use his buddy pass to do charity work out of town.

Wall says he’s been flying on his friend’s passes for years. He thinks United started digging into his travel history after he called the company out on twitter for a delay on another trip he paid for.

We reached out to United Airlines and they told us:

“One of the unique benefits of working for an airline is that our employees are able to travel the world. Even better, they can extend that privilege to a select number of friends and family members who may travel on standby. However, we restrict this benefit to leisure travel. Mr. Wall used these travel benefits for business purposes, which our policy does not permit. We regularly remind our employees that when they place a family member or friend on a flight as a standby passenger and that individual is using this benefit they must be in full compliance with our policy.”

Paul isn’t backing down. He still maintains that he hasn’t done anything wrong. This whole situation seems a little sideways.