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PEARLAND, TX – There are two reasons for people in Pearland to celebrate today. One, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and two, they won’t have to leave town to celebrate.

That’s right, Pearland is no longer a dry County.

WB Liquors of Texas opened its doors inside the CostCo store at 3500 Business Center Drive Friday. The company said it’s the first liquor store to open in Pearland following last November’s ballot measure that legalized alcohol sales within city limits.

“We’ve got a chance to give the citizens of Pearland a liquor store,” said WB Liquors district manager Ubeja Anderson. ” They’ve been traveling outside the city limits to purchase their liquor and now they can keep their tax dollars in the city.”

Pearland residents jumped at the opportunity to stock up on their St. Patty’s Day supplies. Missy and Stuart Rice have been waiting for this day for quite a while.

“It’s about time. It’s actually very wonderful, very convenient,” said the couple. “Instead of going outside of the city limits or outside the county it’s a lot more convenient and I think it will bring in more dollars to the local area. I think it will keep more dollars in the county as well.”

Keeping tax dollars in the city was one of the main arguments for allowing liquor sales in the first place.

“I think it’s beneficial to keep the tax base in the city and a lot of the things that we come to expect from a city are provided by the tax money, so it’s good for everybody,” said Don Nelson.

The new liquor law only allows takeaway alcohol sales like those at liquor, grocery, or convenience stores. It does not allow for on-site consumption like at restaurants or bars. Pearland residents will still have to travel outside the city limits to get that experience but no matter if you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at a bar, at a party, or at home, please remember to celebrate it responsibly.