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ATASCOCITA, Texas — Two lives were taken Tuesday night when a 17-year-old drunk driver got behind the wheel of a car and caused a crash that killed two of his teen friends, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed.

Jaggar Clayton Smith has been charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter for the deaths of Chloe Robison,16, and Salma Gomez, 16. 

The sudden loss has left many teens stunned and realizing the consequences of drinking and driving.

“I’ve never thought I’d feel the pain of losing 2 friends. drinking and driving isn’t worth it. make sure you know your actions don’t just effect you, they effect everyone around you physically and mentally. rip salma and chloe i love y’all so much,” Twitter user marial_638 posted.

Some of the teens’ classmates are using the tragedy to raise awareness and give back including Bahama Bucks employees and friends of the teens who have decided to donate their tips starting Wednesday throughout Saturday to the Robison and Gomez families.

[PHOTOS: The friendship of Salma and Chloe]

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The two teens seemed inseparable on their social media pages with Robison referring to Gomez as her best friend on the first day of their sophomore year.

It is no doubt that the loss of the two girls has left an impact on not only their friends but the entire community. Friend Colin Jules summed it up best, saying that the girls were a part of many peoples lives and touched many hearts.

“Today not only did I lose a best friend, and a really close one, but so many others did too because they were a part of many peoples lives and touch many hearts. Just know that God has received two beautiful people today and may they rest in peace,” Jules said.

The families have not announced where or when the funeral services will be held, but more details will be given in the upcoming days.