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HOUSTON – As early voting starts this week, and many pack into the polling booths, some might be packing heat after Trump’s recent speeches, urging his supports to “Go out and watch, and go out and vote- and when I say Watch, you know what I mean.”

Donald Trump’s call to action to keep the election from getting rigged has ignited a fire for people to act as poll observers to prevent election fraud.

With the goal of exercising their rights, mostly 1st and 2nd, to ensure a fair and square electoral process.

“The vast majority won’t be going there to intimidate people. They’re law-abiding citizens who have the right to bear arms. In my eyes, what’s so special about a polling place that violates your second amendment rights?” Expressed Ken Reed, an activist with White Lives Matter.

But when it comes to open carry and voters’ rights, the Harris County Clerk’s Office wants you to make sure you know your rights before you use them.

“It is illegal for you to bring a gun into the polling place. If you feel like you need to show off your gun, do it outside of the 100-foot marker,” said Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart.

However, there’s a fine line between demonstration and intimidation.

Imagine seeing a mini-militia outside of a middle school voting station, and they’re supporting the other guy.

To some, this would be a scary scene just before pulling the trigger on your ballot, and it might make some voters run for cover without voting.

Open carry is perfectly legal in Texas, but still, many citizens think we should keep our pistols and polls separated.

“Even if it is our right to bear arms, to have a lot of people showing guns outside the schools — there’s enough violence going on already, and I don’t think the children need to see that,” one voter said.

But no matter which candidate you’re “gunning for,” let’s shoot for a fair and safe election.