HOUSTON (KIAH) — One person is dead and another is hospitalized after a Houston police officer shot a man with a knife at a Montrose apartment complex on Tuesday morning.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said at a press conference that a suspect armed with a knife is still hospitalized after being shot by police. Another person was found dead at the scene.

Police said that they were called to an assault call at the Hanover Autry Park Apartments at Buffalo Park Drive and Allen Parkway around 3:45 a.m. Tuesday. Officers arrived and found a man with a knife and a person who was stabbed by the victim, police said.


The man with the knife then moved towards officers, who then fired their weapons at the suspect, hitting him.

Finner said that the incident began when the suspect carjacked a construction worker’s white Ram truck, then the suspect ran over the worker, killing him.

The truck then crashed into the office part of the apartment complex, and the concierge worker at the complex took cover in the office, Finner said.

Another person, believed to be the concierge worker’s father, came into the office where the truck crashed into and confronted the suspect. The worker’s father was then stabbed in the back by the suspect, Finner said.

The suspect then walked outside on the street, when police confronted him. Officers gave him commands to drop the knife, but he approached the officers, who began firing, Finner said.

The suspect was shot twice and was taken to the hospital. Finner said he expects the suspect, who is 25-to-30 years old, to survive.

Two officers discharged their weapons at the suspect, and both will now be placed on administrative duty pending an investigation, Finner said.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated with more information later.