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Thomas Michael Data

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas— A cell phone video and good ole police work has led to the identity of a man wanted in a cracker attack.

Thomas Michael Data, 29, has been identified as the man who threw crackers at a driver and vandalized a vehicle during a road rage incident. According to police the altercation took place Dec. 22, 2016 on Winding Road.

During the altercation, the suspect’s cell phone fell into the victim’s vehicle as it sped away. An enraged Data, tracked his cell phone to the location and commenced to smashing the windshield with a baseball bat, injuring the victim. The victim recorded the attack on his cell phone and turned the video over to police.

An anonymous tipster provided Data’s name after seeing his picture in the local media and the victim identified Data in a photo lineup. A warrant was issued for Data’s arrest Jan. 25 but his whereabouts are unknown. The warrant charges Data with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Friendswood police said Data may now be hiding out in Ohio.