Police say store clerk killed man who opened fire on him


HOUSTON- An investigation is underway after a man police believe was attempting to rob a north Houston convenience store ended up being shot and killed by the store’s clerk.

Police were called to the Super Qwik Food Store in the 8000 block of Fulton Street around 10:00 Monday night after reports of a shooting.

Police say a man walked up to the register area of the store, showed a gun, and then fired at the store’s clerk. They say surveillance video shows the clerk retreat and try to hide as the man came around and opened the door to the clerk’s area. That is when the clerk fired back at the man, hitting him several times.

Authorities say the clerk is lucky he didn’t get shot.

“We have surveillance of it and from what the surveillance shows, he’s very fortunate to be alive right now. We’re thinking that the bullet that the suspect or the would be robber fired at him was probably a few inches or so away from hitting him,” explained HPD Sgt. Joshua Horn.

The man was taken to the hospital and was later pronounced dead.

Authorities say the man was out on parole and that he had been given an early release from prison after committing a previous robbery. He was supposed to be on parole until 2029.


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