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MONTGOMERY, Texas— The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a possible endangered woman who was captured on numerous surveillance cameras wandering a neighborhood Thursday with handcuffs on.

The incident occurred around 3:20 a.m. in the Sunrise Ranch Subdivision.

According to deputies, residents were asleep when someone rang their door bell and woke them up. The residents reviewed their surveillance camera and saw a woman with handcuffs on and alerted police.

Detectives conducted numerous interviews with other residents who reported similar experiences and believed that the woman was a missing person in the area.

Detectives have conducted a thorough search, but have yet to recover a match from their missing persons database. They have also received numerous videos, pictures and screenshots of the woman roaming through the neighborhood on social media, but no one has come forward to identify who she is.

Anyone with information is asked to please call 936-760-5800.