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HOUSTON — The man shot and killed at a southeast Houston gas station late last week has been identified as prominent Houston rapper Mr. 3-2.

Vincent Depaul Stredic, 39, was arrested and charged Tuesday with murder after shooting three men at an Exxon gas station near Sam Houston Parkway at Rockwell Street, investigators said. Officers said among the four men was 44-year-old Christopher Barriere, also known as rapper Mr. 3-2 of the Screwed Up Click.

Stredic was driving a silver 2008 Ford Taurus when he and three of his friends went to the station around 8 p.m. Nov. 10 to purchase alcohol, police said. Investigators said the men were hanging out in the parking lot when a confrontation broke out. During the altercation, officers said Stredic pulled a shotgun from the back of his truck and fired at his friends, shooting Barriere in the back of the head and killing him. The artist died at the scene, police said.

“We believe they were all friends,” a homicide detective said the night of the incident. “The shooting took place in the car or around the car from what we’re hearing.”

Stredic sped away from the station but returned moments later, officers said. Upon return, he allegedly threatened to shoot another person in the group, and then he drove off again.

Police said Stredic returned a third time and fulfilled the threat, shooting a second man in the face before driving off a final time.The second victim was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, police said.

Investigators said the third man in the group was not harmed. Officers said a person who was pumping gas at the time of the shootings was injured, but did not require medical attention.

Officers said surveillance cameras recorded some of the incident.