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HOUSTON- Monday’s mass shooting has many Houstonians on edge.

Carrying a gun is what makes many folks feel safe, but don’t try that at Pi Pizza in the Heights. They serve alcohol, so the restaurant bans guns. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that booze and Berettas can be a bad mix.

This gun ban angered one potential customer who took to Facebook posting, “Any business that removes my right to defend myself is a business that doesn’t want my money.”

Pi Pizza responded, in part, “FO. You are correct, we do not want your money.”

The pro-gun folks then began a social media blitz to take down Pi Pizza.

Pi Pizza’s Lee Ellis says the incident isn’t about guns, it’s about pizza.

“I have no problem with gun owners, concealed or open. I have a problem with any gun coming in an establishment that serves liquor. I don’t think there should be any guns there. That’s my decision.” Ellis said.

What really ticks off Ellis are what he says are bogus reviews that just popped up.

“The guy never ate here. He wrote a one star review without ever ordering a pizza or eating a pizza,” Ellis said.

Folks, this isn’t too complicated; if you want to “pack,” Pi’s is not the place for your “pie.” But if you can leave the gun, and take the pizza… this is your kind of joint.