HOUSTON (CW39) — A judge says a man who has been serving a 25-year prison sentence based mostly on testimony from an ex-Houston police officer whose cases are being reviewed following a 2019 deadly drug raid should have his conviction overturned.

Prosecutors say Frederick Jeffery was convicted in April 2018 for possessing methamphetamine based mostly on evidence and testimony from former Houston officer Gerald Goines. He has spent five and a half years in custody for a crime conviction, that is now in question.

The ex-officer’s case work is being reviewed after allegations he lied in getting a search warrant that led to a drug raid in which a couple was killed. Prosecutors allege Goines lied in Jeffery’s case.

During a Thursday court hearing, a judge agreed that Jeffery’s conviction should be overturned. Goines’ attorney denies her client did anything wrong.

Back in 2019, Goines was indicted for felony murder and tampering with a government record following a raid.

He’s accused of lying to get a search warrant, to bust into the home of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas, where police shot them to death, along with their dog.

That botched raid led to an investigation that has since, overturned dozens of cases.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.