Protesters demand accountability in Maleah Davis case

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Saturday will mark three weeks since Maleah Davis was reported missing.

Several protesters showed up to the courthouse Wednesday as Maleah's mother was scheduled for a CPS hearing. They believe Maleah's parents, the judge and the CPS workers involved in the case should be held accountable. The protesters were chanting "Justice for Maleah" and saying they were there to stand up for the little girl.

Her family’s involvement with CPS has raised a lot of questions throughout the investigation into the girl’s disappearance.

Earlier this month a judge issued a gag order, instructing attorneys and the media to strict confidentiality when it comes to CPS records involving the family dating back to July of 2016.

Information that came out before that order was in place includes the fact that Maleah and her brothers were sent to live with a relative in August of 2018 after allegations of abuse. A judge ordered them to return home in February of this year.

The people that gathered to protest believe that something could have been done to prevent this situation and there are people they want to hold accountable.

“We want justice for Maleah. We want everybody involved in the case, from the judge to the CPS caseworker and the mother and the father, we want everyone locked up because they didn’t take care of her, they didn’t see after her, they didn’t love her, they didn’t care about her." said Sonia Parker, the founder of Parents Against Predators.

Derion Vence, the girl’s stepfather, remains in jail on a $45,000 bond. He is charged with tampering with evidence. Recently, Derion's father,  Joe Vence did an interview with the owner of the Icked Mel YouTube channel. Throughout the 48 minute interview, Joe defends Derion and says his son is innocent, loves the kids and would never hurt them.

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