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HOUSTON — Himanshu ‘Heems’ Suri is an American rapper from Queens who is making a big splash after his twist on the National Anthem debuted on Anthony Bourdain’s show “Parts Unknown” when the famed foodie recently made his way to Houston.

“Houston are go-getters, they hustle very clever,” Heems says in the rap tune appropriately titled “H-Town.” Another line continues saying, “Jose, can you see how diverse Texas is? Don’t mess with it.”

Newsfix caught up with Heems — still dressed in his TSA officer Halloween costume — on Skype.

“Bourdain and his people had reached out to me and told me what the episode was about — and how it was about diversity and I had done a song for him before, and it was about kind of weaving together these elements of diversity that I know from Queens.”

Texas is often associated with Americana, but looking at a place like Houston, it shows how much more diverse the state is, the rapper said.

The artist has an aunt who lives in Sugar Land, so he said it was a natural fit to write a song about Houston, which reminds him of Queens.

“When I go to Houston, I don’t feel that out of place because I feel like that’s a similarity they have,” Heems said. “My art is often about breaking down borders and perhaps diversity and discrimination, and making a better world.”

If you’re a fan of Heems’ anthem remix, don’t bother trying to follow him on twitter.

“Don’t follow me. I’m fine,” Heems said laughing.

Heems may not want followers, but this rapper has found a way to touch the masses with his music.

“I think in a sense it speaks to what we need to embrace about America, and what people like my parents came here for,” the artist said.