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HOUSTON – “I wish it would have been Stacey Dash on the ground, instead of Michael Brown…but with additional round.”

Who could forget that line from Houston superstar rapper Willie D’s controversial video– “Coon?”

“I ain’t never apologizing for that song,” Willie said in a podcast last April. “I said it, and I meant it. And a fight go with it.”

Well, there’s more where that came from….because Willie D is rolling out “Coon II!”

Fans gathered for a special video premiere party in H-Town, and the man of the hour talked exclusively with Newsfix about his new sequel video.

“When I’ve got something to say, I say it, man. I don’t even care who I offend,” Willie told us. “You know, as long as I’m standing on truth, I’m not really concerned about who I offend.”

“I’m hunting coons– and you should, too!” Willie says in Coon II.

In the new video, the Geto Boys rapper takes aim at several high-profile celebs once again, including NBA legend Michael Jordan….for what Willie D says is “selling out.”

“The Black community is not for sale,” Willie insisted. “You know, you can’t come into the Black community and drop a few dollars and think you’re gonna get a pass for basically disrespecting us.”

Another local legend– Lil’ Troy– was also on-hand to give Willie some extra props. “…Been in the industry for a long, long time…he steadily stays relevant to the game,” Lil’ Troy shared. “That’s the name of the game….stay relevant!”

“Help me get out there and capture these coons!” Willie pleaded. “Let’s put an end to ‘Coonism!”‘

Another memorable line in the new song: “If you see a coon, say something!”

Leave it to Willie D to stir things up and make some waves!