Rash of online threats against Houston area schools continues to grow

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HOUSTON — Threats against several Houston area schools have one local sheriff calling for an end.

“This is across the state and across the entire nation, and I’m telling ya it’s time to stop, we have to stop the silliness,” Sheriff of Fort Bend County Troy Nehls said.

In Sheldon ISD, police investigated a threat at CE King Middle School after a student posted something threatening online overnight.  Additional security remained at the school throughout the morning.

A third juvenile is arrested across town, in Fort Bend County, this time at Harmony Public School in Katy.

Two other juveniles were arrested in Fort Bend last Friday for making threats.

“He made the threat because the 15-year-old we arrested Friday was a friend of his, a pal,” says Nehls.  “He made a threatening post on Friday that said ‘you think you’ve seen a threat? I’ll show you a threat’ and then on Sunday he’s posting photos of himself at a local gun range shooting a Glock type pistol, a handgun as well as pictures displaying an AR15.”

Yesterday a student who attends Stevenson Middle School was arrested for making terrorist threats on social media against the school.

And yet another student, Trevion McFadden was arrested in Hitchcock last week for telling a teacher he would turn Hitchcock High School into another Florida if she wasn’t careful, after she caught him cheating and took his test away .

Fort Bend Sheriff Troy Nehls says the response from the accused, has been: 'it was a joke.'  Well, no one is laughing.

“If there’s someone out there that’s going to continue on with this type of behavior, cause you think it’s funny, or it’s a game, you will be charged with a third degree felony, a terroristic threat,” he says.

All threats will be taken seriously, and all classmates already reporting these threats should continue reporting them to the authorities. If you see something, even online, say something.  It’s no laughing matter.

“By treating everything as high risk, I hope to avert any kind of major disaster here,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said after an event Tuesday.



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