Recovering addict thanks first responders that saved his life

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HOUSTON - An emotional gesture of gratitude to the first responders that saved Roger G.’s life.

“I was told that I had come within 2 minutes of dying like if they had gotten there two minutes later I would have passed away,” Roger says.

At Houston’s Fire Station 8, Roger thanks the firefighters, paramedics, and the 911 call operator that were instrumental in making sure he got a second chance at life.

Over a year ago, the team was responding to a call at Westheimer near Yorktown.  Roger`s friend had called 911 after he`d found Roger overdosed on GHB.

“Mr. Roger was on the ground, unconscious, he was on the brink of stopped breathing..”says Houston Firefighter Angel Flores.

“I think we were worried about if he was going to make it...he definitely presented in a poor state, but I think we always remained hopeful,” says Houston Firefighter Rafiq Cooper.

Roger had struggled with addiction to meth and GHB for years.

“I went to rehab before, but I didn`t join a 12-step program, I didn`t get a sponsor, I didn`t make any sober friends, so I only stayed sober for two months...,” Roger explains.

But this time, Roger experienced a near deadly wake up call.

“I had to ask for help, because I tried for many years to do it by myself but I couldn`t do it...regular folks are just like why can`t they just stop?  And it doesn`t work that way this is a disease, and unless it`s treated properly, you know shaming people or just saying why can`t you stop? That doesn`t work,” Roger shares.

Roger has been sober a year now, has a job, and is earning back the respect of his loved ones, but he`s not here for an `atta-boy.`

“I talked to a lot of people cause I didn`t really want the attention, I’m not, I don`t like attention, but I felt compelled let these guys know in person that what they did was, it saved my life, it changed my life,” he says.

And hearing how well roger is doing has quite the impact on some of Houston’s finest.

“Me personally, I’ve seen drugs effect peoples lives in a negative way, and I`m… thankful that uh, he changed his life around,” Houston Firefighter Daniel Sierra emotionally shares.

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