Rice University among colleges considering shorter semester


Rice University campus

The fall 2020 semester will really fly by for college students, with many of the schools looking to streamline schedules.

With fears of a “second-wave” of coronavirus infections, the University of South Carolina, Notre Dame, Rice, and Creighton have all announced plans to speed through classroom sessions.

Rice Univeristy President David Leebron discusses how Rice will open this fall to swiftly move through courses before Thanksgiving and the possible return of the COVID-19 resurgence. Here’s a look at that video:

Rice told its 7,000 students this month that the normal fall break would be eliminated, getting them back home by Thanksgiving, rather than Christmas.

Norte Dame is also bumping up the date to finish the semester sooner, starting classes on August 10th.

Are you returning to school this semester? What are the plans so far?

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