HOUSTON (KIAH) — A charity that does so much for the community during the holiday season and year-round fell victim to grinches recently.

Thieves broke into the Salvation Army Greater Houston’s Northwest Community Care Center Thursday night.

They left with a 12-passenger van and a large amount of equipment that the charity uses to support the Boys and Girls Club.

“With inflation so high and families of our community struggling to make ends meet, it is so tragic someone would steal from our organization,” Salvation Army Greater Houston Area Commander Major Rob Webb said in a press release. “This theft drastically hinders our ability to provide assistance for our families in need.”

Stolen van recovered

The charity did get some good news Monday.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office notified the Salvation Army Greater Houston that their van had been recovered at a nearby motel.

“We believe he stayed in the area, because he only put ten miles on the vehicle,” Salvation Army Greater Houston Cpt. Nicholas Hutchinson said. “So I really hope that the Harris County Sheriffs are able to capture the man that stole from us.”

Hutchinson estimates that it will cost between $4,000 and $5,000 to pay to replace the smashed door and stolen laptop, video games, and other items.

Monetary donations can be made online to the Salvation Army, but they’re also looking for volunteers to act as bell-ringers for their annual Red Kettle campaign.