Santa Fe High School students sent threatening text message, ISD says

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SANTA FE, Texas— A new set of fears to deal with at Santa Fe High School after administrators shared a text message Wednesday afternoon containing threats against a group of certain students at Santa Fe High.

School officials issued a statement saying “appropriate disciplinary action was taken based on the student code of conduct. no further action was warranted as charges were declined by the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.”

The school district says they are unable to share any further info due to student privacy laws.

But after all the Santa Fe community has gone through this year, no one can feel comfortable or at ease about another threat.

“I think a lot of them maybe are lonely, they want attention. They’re trying to make friends in a bad way,” ice cream truck operator Dee Dee Felter said.

The high school sent a letter home to parents on Thursday announcing the text message and an investigation conducted into who the culprits were who sent it.

The Santa Fe High School principal Rachel Blundell assured parents law enforcement were able to identify the individuals who sent the text and promised those responsible will face disciplinary action.

As the principal put it, “Threats of this nature bring anxiety to all our SFISD community— students, parents and staff alike.”

But Santa Fe seems to feel they handled this current threat appropriately and rapidly.

Hopefully, for the safety of a community already on edge, they’re right.

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