Spring ISD substitute teacher arrested, accused of sexually assaulting 17-year-old male student 


Manuel Gamboa, 35, invited the 17-year-old student to his apartment after drinking several beers.

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas– A Spring ISD substitute teacher was arrested on Wednesday for sexually assaulting a 17-year-old student while he was asleep, according to court documents.

Deputies responded to a sexual assault call at a northeast Houston apartment complex on June 3.

According to court documents, Manuel Gamboa, 35, invited the 17-year-old student to his apartment after drinking several beers.

The victim explained to Gamboa that he did not feel well and fell asleep on the living room sofa bed, according to court documents. The victim woke up the next morning to Gamboa lying next to him.

Court documents stated Gamboa slapped the victim’s buttocks as he rushed to the bathroom. The victim suffered through minor pain issues while he urinated.

The victim left the bathroom and asked to borrow Gamboa’s cell phone to call his mother, according to court documents. The victim noticed several videos of Gamboa performing a sexually act on him while he was asleep.

Court documents stated the victim frantically deleted the videos and called his father to explain what happened. The victim was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital to undergo a sexual assault examination where the lab found evidence of sexual residue.

Spring ISD released the following statement:

Please be advised that a substitute teacher named Manuel Alejandro Gamboa was arrested Thursday on charges of an off-campus sexual assault of a student that police say occurred in June.

Due to the seriousness of the charges against Mr. Gamboa, we want to make sure that all students and parents of schools where Mr. Gamboa has worked as a substitute teacher are aware of his arrest and the allegations against him.

Those schools are:

Dekaney High School

Carl Wunsche Sr. High School

If you or your child have information about Mr. Gamboa, please notify your school principal AND contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 or the Spring ISD Police Department at 281-891-6911.

Please know that Spring ISD is extremely upset to learn that charges of this nature have been brought against a substitute teacher who worked in the district. The safety of our students is our highest priority. The criminal history and references of job applicants, including those who apply to serve as substitutes, are routinely checked before they are hired.

Thank you.

Gamboa is charged with improper relationship with a student. His bond is set at $20,000.


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