Sterling Aviation High School Opens in Houston

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HOUSTON — Typically when you think of the word pilot, you think cool, confident, masters of flight . But even pilots gotta start somewhere!

Right here in the Houston area, we have the new Sterling Aviation High School which gives new meaning to ‘high’ school since they`ll literally take to the skies!

Student Louis Moreno said “I’m excited because of the new programs we’ve got here: aviation, auto tech, NGROTC. It’s just nice here, you know?”

They can even see Hobby Airport right from their viewing deck! A lot of the perks from these sweet new digs comes from the fat stack of cash they received from a bond to build a brand new building.

It’s all spruced up with a shiny new gym, auditorium, and even engine blocks to use as school projects.

“Their job, their final exam for that class, is to get the engine working” said Principal Justin Fuentes.

Their teaching hanger has all sorts of aviation equipment for students to tinker with. Although all these additions have left students a little turned around, it seems like they’re just as excited for the new building.

Principal Fuentes added “The kids were actually videoing everything. You know, they were on Facebook live or Snapchat…they were showing their people at home and they were excited”

These new amenities aren’t just for the high school students though.

“We expect all of our elementary schools and middle schools in the area to use our brand new auditorium for their graduation ceremonies. Anything that they need we’re here for them.” said Principal Fuentes.

Construction is still ongoing on the athletic fields, parking lot, and old buildings, but students are already feeling motivated. And that’s a good thing too. Because someday, one of these bright minds might just be taking you through the skies.

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