Study says 170 years until men, women paid equally — Texas DPS won’t wait that long

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HOUSTON — It's 2016! Oh, what a time to be alive!

Many of us are carrying mini-computers in our pockets — hell, we've even landed on Mars! And yet, women still don't have equal pay.

According to the latest World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report, women worldwide will have to wait 170 years before receiving equal pay.

Hopefully, women in the land of the free feel more empowered than ever, especially with the first woman running for president with a major democratic party backing her up.

"I think that social change fuels a lot of policy change in politics, and I think that if we get a president who will fuel social change and not oppress it then that will be headed in the right direction," Amelia Love said. "I think that we would be able to see equal pay."

"It's going to take a lot of men to make that possible and maybe not so much the women standing up because we've stood up for so long for this, but maybe the men taking their time and saying this is what's true and this is what's realistic for us. Unless that happens, I don't see that happening unfortunately," Elaina Johnson said.

Well, don't get too discouraged, and take a look a the Texas Department of Public Safety for instance. The DPS already offers their female employees equal pay.

"Women are expected to do the same thing as a man as a Texas State Trooper, and so the agency, law enforcement, is now set up to where women can do that. It is more about the mind that is anything else, and so if a woman goes out there, and she is committed to being the best that she can be, that speaks volumes for who she is. And then the sky literally is the limit," Lt. Craig Cummings said.

The DPS is even calling for more female officers with their "Break the Mold" campaign.

Ladies, you know your worth. Don't be afraid to voice it in the workplace.

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