Stunned West University residents try to shake off terror one day after shooting rampage

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HOUSTON - Ribbons and balloons line the stretch of Weslayan near Law where 46-year-old Nathan DeSai let loose his rampage on the West University neighborhood.

The décor is a message to law enforcement, thanking them for putting their lives at risk to bring down the dangerous individual.

“I'm thankful they were able to evacuate the people that live in this complex. My son lives in this complex, and he came to my house at 7 o'clock in the morning, terrified. I know he was traumatized, he couldn't even sleep at the house,” said Rima Salti.

“I'm amazed that there was as few injuries as there were. I'm sorry that there were some people that got injured. The police came on the scene really quickly,” said Jennifer Stone.

“You know it's weird, but it's over. This is a one-off, you're not going to see this again,” said Albin Sulak.

Alan Wakim, home from the hospital after eye and arm injuries, described his traumatic experience.

“All of a sudden 'bop' for the first shot hit my windshield. Right in front of me, one of the bullets landed right on my car seat,” Wakim recounts.

Stunned, adrenaline took over.

"I was about to back up, and as I'm backing up, a second shot, almost immediately and the grouping was about maybe an inch or two apart... without even thinking I just floored it! … When the bullets went through the windshield it felt like it punched me in the face and the glass just exploded, in my eyes and my face. You can see glass fragments all over my arm, here and here, and all over my face,” Wakim said.

Although they weren't friends, Wakim and DeSai were neighbors.

“My guess is that the first shots were shot from this balcony. He ends up losing his life over there; that's the tree where he lost his life,” Wakim said.

Bullet holes in the trees tell a tale of an intense exchange between police and DeSai; one that left an otherwise peaceful neighborhood shaken as they wait for an answer to 'why?' - which may never come.


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