Pic of Taylor Hudson-O’Neal with Emmanuel Barras (Sugar Land Police Department)

SUGAR LAND, Texas (KIAH) — Police are searching for two children who they say were taken away by their biological father under suspicious circumstances.

Sugar Land police say that Taylor Hudson-O’Neal may have taken away with 18-month-old Elena Barras and 4-month-old Emmanuel Barras, even though he is not the primary caregiver and is supposed to have limited contact with the two children.

Hudson-O’Neal was visiting his ex-girlfriend and the two children around noon on Tuesday when he unexpectedly left in his ex’s silver Volkswagen Passat, with Texas license plate PRK-5816.

He was last seen wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt and is known to be around either the southwest Houston area or the Sunnyside neighborhood.

Police are asking anyone with information about the whereabouts of Hudson-O’Neal or the car to call them at 281-275-2525.