HOUSTON (KIAH) — A routine traffic stop was anything but, after a suspect ends up getting arrested for what’s inside his vehicle.

Courtesy: Constable Mark Herman Harris Co. Precinct 4 Office

Turns out a number of fake temporary vehicle car tags were found inside.

It was just after midnight, this morning September 21, when a deputy from Constable Mark Herman’s Harris County Precinct 4 department, pulled over a driver in the 22200 block of Kuykendahl Road.

The vehicle was displaying a temporary tag that didn’t look quite right. After taking a closer look, the deputy determined that the temporary tag was actually a fake.

Mark Ortiz, 40, was the driver in the vehicle. As the deputy continue questioning Ortiz, the deputy found even more fake temporary tags, inside the vehicle.

Ortiz was arrested and charged with Tampering with a government document. He’s been booked into the Harris County Jail. His bond has not been set.