CW39 Houston

TAP World Amputee Tennis Tournament

By: Taylor Berry

HOUSTON — Houston plays host to the TAP World Amputee Tennis Tournament for the second year in a row. The TAP World Tour is an international tour for individuals who have a physical impairment or disability, and allows everyone to get together from different countries and play competitive tennis.

Adaptive sports programs have grown over the years, allowing people with disabilities to play sports and compete, and it’s having a big impact on these athletes’ lives. “One of the most important parts about rehabilitation in my opinion is sports. It was such a big deal for me when I lost my leg when I was 14 to have sports to bring me back along physically and mentally,” said Matt Bulow.

Beyond the competition, tournaments like these are opportunities for these athletes to make new friends and memories. “I’ve really enjoyed this event and being able to travel and compete and make friends all around the world who share the same passion as myself, and it’s been a wonderful experience,” said Jeff Bourns.

For these athletes it is more than just a simple game of tennis, they want to raise awareness and ultimately share the same message. “Be as active and engaged in life as possible never give up no matter what the circumstance no matter what life throws your way regardless of disability,” added Bourns.