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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — One teen’s celebration turns into chaos.

“It ended like that; me in tears and I was just so shaken by all of what was happening and it ruined my night,” high school graduate Tanya Joubran said.

Around 60 family members were gathered for a high school graduation party until all hell broke loose after a Harris County Sheriff’s deputy knocks on the door of the northwest Harris County home.

The officer responded to a noise complaint and soon after, there were 12 tow trucks in the street and fights breaking out between tow truck drivers and partygoers.

“I don’t know who I’m more upset at, law enforcement or the tow truck drivers,” Joubran said.

Rita Joubran, the home owner, says she’s disappointed in how law enforcement handled her and her family.

“It is not OK for law enforcement to go around abusing their power and it is not OK for wrecker drivers to think that they are above the law and to cause such mayhem like they did in our neighborhood,” said Joubran.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office says upon arrival, a deputy found vehicles blocking traffic on a public roadway and requested wreckers after initial attempts to have the vehicle owners voluntarily move their cars were unsuccessful.

Joubran says her guests were never given the opportunity to move the cars before the mayhem.

In the end, none of the cars were illegally parked and nobody was towed.