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TEXAS CITY, Texas– Many Texas City residents are confused following the recent arrest of City Commissioner Dee Ann Haney.

The one question on everyone’s mind is, why does she still have a job?

Commissioner Haney is facing two counts of intoxication manslaughter, following a deadly crash on I-45 that killed a father and son Monday morning.

Haney was released on a $100,000 bond and has no plans of walking away from her post.

Haney’s attorney Susan Criss released a statement that read,

“Many versions of the incident have appeared in the news media and social media, which are inaccurate. There will be a proper time and place for the truth and evidence to come out. That time is not now. But after the investigations are complete. I also want to be clear that Commissioner Haney does not plan on resigning.”

Haney was elected Texas City Commissioner back in 2004, was recently re-elected last year for a seventh term.

Following her arrest Haney was suspended from her safety coordinator position at Texas A & M, Galveston, based on standard procedure.

Haney admitted to officers that she was indeed driving while intoxicated the morning of the accident and that has the community worried about the leadership in their city.

So what’s the hold up?

Residents want to know why Texas City has yet to take any action against their acting commissioner, in the wake of a meeting last night at city hall.

“It’s not fair that just because you hold a title and a position in the community that you should be allowed to get away with it. Shame on you,” Texas City resident, Sandra Blake said.

“We don’t need a leader in office that’s going to show that type of judgement. The community is going to convict her along with any type of criminal charges she is going to be facing,” Phillip Smith said.