Texas Democrat’s campaign ad goes viral, while pair of Republicans crash state Democratic Convention…all in good fun

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ROUND ROCK, Texas — With so much divisiveness around the country, at least some Texas politicians are leading the way to a civil discourse— and having some fun while they're at it!

For instance, take progressive Democratic candidate for Texas District 31 MJ Hegar, who is scoring big points for a clever, creative and captivating campaign ad.

"One my first memories was of a door, it was my dad throwing my mom through a glass one," Hegar recounts in the ad. "Three years later, mom got the courage to walk out the door, and she opened a a new one for my sister and me here in Texas."

Hegar's viral ad, called 'Doors,' already has more than 3 million views on YouTube and Facebook combined!

Even 'Hamilton' the musical creator Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted: "You made the best political ad anyone's ever seen. I should be asking YOU for help!"

Hegar's battles to open doors for women are also chronicled.

Hegar's opponent, 8-term Republican John Carter, may be blindsided by the effective ad.

But since Carter serves in a solidly GOP district, Hegar still has an uphill climb, although though her ad is clearly helping her chances.

Then, there's Deer Park's state Rep. Briscoe Cain and conservative activist Aaron Harris who crashed the Texas Democratic Convention in Fort Worth, handing out gun-free safe space yard signs!

"The only person that yelled at me was a lady who was upset that we ran out, and she wanted more," Harris explained in a Facebook video post.

"So she could put them at her house," Cain laughed.

Of course, some Dems caught on to the prank, admitting that displaying the yard signs would be like asking to be robbed.

While the pair said Fort Worth cops kicked them out for trespassing, at least they were friendly about it.

So, can't we all just get along?!


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