Texas ranks #13 for nurse pay


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HOUSTON (CW39) –  A national report is highlighting where nurses make the most cash and Texas is among the top 20. California tops the list with the highest wage per hour for nurses at $54.44 and South Dakota has the lowest at $28.63.

So where does Texas rank?

According to the Business.org team, Texas comes in at number 13 with nurses making an average of $74,540.

The report says nurses make 47.6% more than all other occupations and to afford the median rent in Texas, a nurse can work an average of 30.4 hours.

Business.org says nurses make an average salary of $77,460 —or an hourly wage of $37.24 nationally – which is 45% more than the average salary for all other occupations across the country.

For a full of the best and worst pay for nurses click this link.



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