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Galveston, Texas- You couldn’t escape it on social media this week — blue water at Galveston beach!?  Some of the explanations are down right silly — from dropping dye to magic spells, but it really comes down to Mother Nature and Subtropical Storm Alberto.

Thomas Linton with Texas A&M Department of Marine Sciences explained how the storm pulled the Mississippi River water we usually get east, instead of west.

Now when you look at the water today, it’s not quite as blue as it was in days past, and it’s going to turn back brown — but that’s OK, brown isn’t bad.

“I love brown water.  It’s got nutrients and that’s what makes Galveston Bay one of the richest estuaries in the country, certainly the world, with production of shrimp, fish, oyster, crabs. We love brown water, we Marine science folks,” Linton said.

Even so, folks out near San Luis Pass say they love the blue water. But, clear and blue is here for a limited time only, we’ve got the Mississippi feeding us once  again.

Either way, get out in that beautiful sun this weekend, but be careful.  The flags are flying red, and that means strong currents.  Swim near a lifeguard and be safe out there y’all.