Top 10 worst songs by Texans ever made 

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What's the worst Texas song in history, y'all?

'Can't Fight The Moonlight?'

Nope, it's not that one by LeAnn Rimes, but she's in the Top 6. That's according to a survey of random Texans for the Super Bowl weekend festival—Super Bash Houston. And they think the Lone Star State has some real musical misfires!

After listening to quite an array of both Texas-based and Texas-born tunes, the survey flagged these all-time offenders....starting with Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Jump On It."

Uh, okay...maybe that isn't exactly a Texas classic.

But the No. 4 tune sure is..."All My Exes Live In Texas," by George Strait.

Oh my! Guess some folks just don't like "Strait" music.

"Texas is good for a lot of things, not exes!" Houstonian Gladys Fonteno said.

So how did this next guy end up at No. 3?

It's Vanilla Ice with "Ice Ice Baby."

"We shouldn't have gone there!" Carsandra Readus said laughing.

Okay, maybe we won't question the people on that one.

So, who's got the second worst song?

Oh, it's the little gem called "Dolce and Gabbana" from Houston-born rapper— RiFF RaFF!

"Probably the reason I never heard of him," Readus added.

And now for the absolute worst Texas song ever, it belongs to Waco native Ashlee Simpson/

"You make me make me wanna—scream!" the lyric says in her song, "La La."

Agh! That makes us want to scream, too!

"Mmm, thumbs down!" Readus said.

"Yes, two thumbs down!" Fonteno agreed.

So, there you have it, the worst songs in Texas.

And now that you've heard them...let's just try to forget 'em, okay?


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