HOUSTON (KIAH) – A local firework store “Top Dog Fireworks” is helping local organizations raise money by donating a percentage of their profits.

“So we get great employees and they get to pay for their bands or their church groups. Or whatever it is that they’re raising money for.”

Top Dog says fireworks have been used to celebrate the Fourth of July since 1977 and it’s a holiday that brings many families together around the world.

“A lot of groups we have are high school bands, church groups, there is project graduation, there are boy scouts trips. So when you come to the store where that organization operates, you support that organization because again they get a percentage of the profits,” Sue Davis, Spokesperson for Top Dog Fireworks.

Top Dog emphasizes they are fully stocked and not dealing with a supply shortage this year. However, they warn customers not to wait until the last minute because the more popular fireworks are selling out quickly.

Here are some safety tips….

  • Shoot fireworks on level ground in an open area away from buildings and trees
  • Fireworks aren’t allowed to be popped within 600 feet of a hospital 
  • Have a water source near
  • Never try to re-light a firework
  • Don’t put hot fireworks in the garbage

The firework store is open until midnight on July 4, 2022. The store is located at 16720 North Freeway.