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HOUSTON – Across the country, the Transportation Security Administration, is warning folks it’s busy season— like record breaking busy!

Thanksgiving 2004 set the record for TSA’s busiest day ever with just over 2.7 million people screened at checkpoints across the United States.  And the agency estimates that record may fall Wednesday.

In Houston, the airports were packed Wednesday morning, but travelers thinned out in the afternoon.

“For the Houston airport system, between June 29th and July 8th of last year, we had about 1,090,000 people traveling. This year we expect 1,150,000 people traveling, so that’s about a 5% increase,” Houston Airport System Director of Communications Patrick Trahan said.

But to avoid any hiccups this 4th of July holiday season, the TSA suggests flyers review the agency’s checklist online before traveling.

First, leave early and give yourself enough time!

Also, pay close attention to liquids, powders, and this sounds like a no brainer, but no fireworks allowed!  Not in checked or carry-on luggage!

Come on y’all, that one should really go without saying!