HOUSTON (KIAH) — While the WWE’s major showcase event was in Texas this weekend, the Texas Southern University marching band played a role in the big event.

The band, otherwise known as the Ocean of Soul, represented the university and other HBCUs by performing in Wrestlemania 38 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on Saturday, performing the entrance music for WWE wrestler Bianca Belair before her match.

The song they played was called “Watch Me Shine.”

Over 77,000 were in attendance for the first night of Wrestlemania when the Ocean of Soul performed, as well as millions more watched on television and the internet, as the WWE show is now regarded as an international event.

“This was a great opportunity for the Ocean of Soul, but more importantly it was a great opportunity for TSU,” director of bands Brian Simmons said. “Tens of thousands of people were in attendance, but millions more wrestling fans watched around the world. This performance was one more step in making TSU’s name known around the globe.”

The WWE contacted Simmons about performing while the Ocean was playing in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament in Fort Worth last month. The arrangement they played during WrestleMania was composed by assistant director Trenton Hunter.

“At Texas Southern University, we are always excited when our talented students get the opportunity to showcase their skills on a national platform,” a statement from the university said. “To represent our university on the biggest stage in professional wrestling was an honor for the Ocean of Soul, the TSU music department, and the entire university.

“The Ocean of Soul is an integral part of our university’s culture, as is the case on every HBCU campus. We are proud that our students got to put Texas Southern University, and that aspect of HBCU culture on full display for wrestling fans around the world to see, hear, feel, and experience.”

Belair later won her match over Becky Lynch to win the Raw Women’s Championship.