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It was a close call for two undercover HPD officers as they were shot at multiple times Tuesday night in south Houston.

It started when the undercover HPD officers were doing surveillance at Spotts Park after several burglaries had been reported in the area. It was around 11:15 p.m., which is after hours for the park, when they saw two vehicles leaving the park.

The undercover officers followed the two vehicles and called for a marked patrol car to make a traffic stop. Apparently, the drivers of the vehicles recognized that they were being followed and kept driving. As the officers got to the 3500 block of Lydia Street in south Houston, they came under fire from several angles. They kept heading south to take cover and then called for backup.

Once more officers got there, they found the two vehicles abandoned in the 3700 block of Amos Street, just minutes away from where the shots were fired. They also recovered two pistols and an AK-47 from the scene.

“The police vehicle got struck approximately two to three times , but no one was hurt. We got lucky in that incident. We have good video of the incident that we could possibly identify some suspects, but that will be part of the investigation that is ongoing,” explained HPD Assistant Chief Pete Lopez.

The undercover officers did not fire back. Authorities did detain three men for questioning but made it clear that they were not considered suspects yet.