HOUSTON (KIAH) – As daylight saving approaches, the Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross is reminding people to test out their smoke alarms.  They say home fires are the nation’s most frequent disaster, claiming seven lives every day. That’s why Red Cross TXGC says Sunday, November 7 is the perfect time to test alarms and to replace batteries.  

It’s critical to take action now to be as safe as possible as the threat of home fires increases with the holidays and cooler weather. Just in the past month, Red Cross volunteers in the Texas Gulf Coast region responded to 103 home fires helping 356 individuals. The good news is that you can take a few simple steps this weekend to help protect your loved ones.”

Brittney Rochell, Regional Communications Director, Texas Gulf Coast Red Cross

In addition to testing smoke alarms, Red Cross TXGC says residents should also follow these three steps to get their home ready:

  1. Install smoke alarms on every level of your home. This includes inside and outside bedrooms and sleeping areas.
  2. Smoke alarms that are 10 years or older should be replaced because components such as sensors can become less sensitive over time.
  3. Create and practice a two-minute home fire escape plan. Also, make sure everyone in the household can get out in less than two minutes, which is the amount of time you may have to escape a burning home before it’s too late. The plan should include at least two ways to get out of every room. Don’t forget to select a meeting spot at a safe distance away from your home, like your neighbor’s home or landmark like a specific tree in your front yard.

For more safety tips and free resources on fire safety click this link.