Local college student finds ‘genius’ hack to avoid campus parking tickets

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HOUSTON — College life comes with many hacks, but one local college student has definitely found one for the books.

After getting a ticket on campus, TJ Azodeh decided to take an old parking ticket and slap it back onto his windshield with hopes of tricking parking enforcement. And it did!

Azodeh said it's simple: college is expensive enough.

"Out of everything, at least the mode of transportation I use to get to my class that I pay thousands of dollars for should be free," he said.

The struggling student's method continues to work for him and his friends.

"I paid for a parking permit, and I still got tickets whenever I would park in certain places because the parking lots fill up so quickly," Lenny Brindley said.

Brindley said when Azodeh came out with the old-ticket hack, he thought it was genius.

"It's like a $60 fee, but it's unlimited parking as compared to the garage fee for like 400 bucks," Brindley said.

Students getting together on campuses Monday night to watch the big game might just be in luck.

"Texans game is on tonight; parking's going to be terrible. But this ticket trick might just help me out here," Azodeh said.

Parking fines have a purpose, but we understand a college kid's got to get by.

"I know y'all are probably on the lookout for my car, but it's just too much to pay. So if y'all got a ticket for me — if y'all catch me — there's no problem. I'll pay it. But until then, ya'll are going to have some trouble."


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